Watch Polyamory: Married & Dating Season 2 Episode 5 Online

Michael requests a threesome with Kamala and Rachel; Jen’s sister challenges her; Chris and Megan confront Leigh Ann.While I’ve been mostly offline in the woods at the Network for a New Culture’s Summer Camp East, Jessica Karels has been doing an admirable job of covering, in depth, Showtime’s new reality series Polyamory: Married and Dating. She’s posting her stuff at Modern Poly (“the pulse of the polyamory movement”), which she played a large role in founding and where she’s now chief technical officer.

Modern Poly, incidentally, is serious about becoming a major nexus of the community. It runs the now-indispensable Poly Group Registry of local discussion/ social/ support groups (go add yours if it’s not there already), is building a stable of regular high-quality writers, and recently incorporated as a 501(c)4 nonprofit, one that is allowed to engage in political activity. Statement of purpose: “Advocating for choice in relationships and equal rights across families.”